Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'll never grow up!

My mom has started this awesome tradition of giving us play tickets for Christmas. It all started I believe in high school when I had an obsession with Wicked, and so that Christmas I got tickets for it... Since then it has become a regular thing! It's pretty fun too because then the Christmas fun doesn't just end December 25 but continues a little bit longer...

Anyway, that being said we got to see Peter Pan at the Pantages theater on Friday and it was so much fun! Cathy Rigby played Peter and she was amazing, not to mention she is 60!!! I hope at sixty I can have half as much energy as she had (and I know I'll never be able to do the splits at 60, but maybe still be able to do a cartwheel)!!

I love theater, there is something so fun and magical about it. I am even more appreciative of it because that is how Nate and I met..I love that he loves theater just as much as me (maybe even more)! I'm glad that my momma loves it too and has cultured me in it.

Nate and I had a fun time with my momma, my sis Kris and her kiddos Gav and Lyla, my aunt Eva and cousin Shay(e?), my not the momma Cathy Milligan, and my adopted brother Hayden! So we may have been missing a few of the regulars (Beck you were missed!), but it was still a fun family trip.

We started at Buca di Beppo at city walk, where we stuffed ourselves into oblivion, and ended at the show where we laughed and laughed.

It was a perfect night out (even though we were pretty tired after!), and I can't wait to continue the tradition next year! Thanks mommacita!

-Nate & Meg-

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  1. SO fun! I have seen Peter Pan too-it was wonderful! A lot of fun acrobatics. So wish we could go on some of these theater adventures with you. There is a lot of theater out here, so looks like you'll have to make a trip up here. :)