Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday is the new Saturday

As I have said before I have been working at my sisters salon: KINshoppe. Well as I am getting used to the salon world, lingo and much more I am now getting used to this whole no work on Monday thing! Monday being my new Saturday is a new and weird thing!

I'm sitting here looking at all the things I should and could be doing (cleaning, grocery shop, organize our little place, etc.) and instead just watched Pretty in Pink, where is my motivation!! So instead of doing the things on my list I decided I'd blog about them instead.. Maybe later it will inspire me to actually do them. Ha!

Meanwhile Nate has been at work already for 5 I feel even worse!!!!

Motivate motivate motivate... That's me trying to work myself up!

This blog would not be a blog without talking about food, so ill talk about the yummy stuff!
This week my sister and I geniously thought we would do a cleanse. This cleanse didn't sound so bad because you actually got to eat. Well by the end of day one I was already ready to crumble, and by day 3 (out of 7 days) we were done and had caved!!! Here's what said cleanse looked like:
Day 1: ONLY fruit and a ton of water
What day 1 turned into was a lot of pee time. Yes that's right we were all peeing a lot! I think my total for the day was like 18 times or something (TMI?).
Day2: a baked potato with "a pat" of butter ( open for interpretation mine probably had 2 pats!!!) for breakfast, and then ONLY vegetables and tons of water..
What day 2 turned into was me starving all day.
Day3: was fruit and vegetables and lots of water.
This day was horrible and I felt so sick I wasn't even hungry.. And at night I made pesto chicken pitas and they were delicious and I kicked said cleanse to the curb.

Luckily because day 4 was supposed to be just bananas and milk, if that doesn't sound gross I don't know what does!!

On the flip side yesterday was corned beef and cabbage day and it was delicious even though only me and kris enjoyed it! I also made a green banana cream pie ( I used all the milk and bananas from day 4 in the pie. Ha!)

I believe that's all for now... I'm going to go do what I keep talking about and be productive! Because Monday is my new Saturday!( maybe ill use my brand new birthday running shoes for their first time run, or maybe not..) Too bad it's not the same for Nate, I could use the company!

-Nate & Meg-

Monday, March 4, 2013

The shortest month of the year!

This month flew by. It is March already and I'm not sure how that happened, well that's a lie I do know how that happened. It happened because I'm pretty sure I've never had a busier month in my life.

For anyone in eye range of this I'm sure you are aware of my sisters BIG endeavor of opening up her own salon...well February 1st was the official open date, and since that day I have practically lived there. And if I have lived there then she has moved in and is never leaving! It's been crazy but very fun! I have helped her with the front desk area, cleaning, managing, and pretty much anything else that has needed to be accomplished. Somehow I also became the manager in all that mess, and so now I am quickly learning the salon world, YIKES! Besides all the crazy I am very proud of my big sis, and I already looked up to her before all this, now she's just even higher in my books! So if you are looking for me anytime soon try the salon chances are I will be there!

In other news I still have not heard back from graduate schools, I'm expecting to hear back by at least the end of April! Those admissions people sure know how to keep a girl waiting. (Good thing the salon keeps me busy to the point of forgetting all about these applications!)

Nate has been working a lot! It is a big blessing for us that he has a good job in crazy times. The only down side is he drives to LA everyday which means his alarm goes off at 4:30! Early bedtimes is a regular thing in this house (loft?, loveshack?, itty bitty home?)!

He also has started his like 5th or 6th Buena play today! Sergeant Peppers lonely hearts club band! He is the stage manager again and I know he loves working with the kids! Opening in may!

I got a new calling at church to! I'm yw 1st counselor! Sad to not be with the old group, but excited for the new one! It should be a lot of fun, and if anyone has any activity ideas shoot them my way!

Today I started celebrating birthday week (i never really celebrate birthday week, but my momma is gonna be gone saturday!) by going to Santa Barbara with my mom.. A little shopping and lunch. We ate at this really yummy place and shared a ravioli sampler and a roasted garlic bulb/Brie/bread/pear deliciousness deal (pictures below!) thanks momma for a fun day!

French macarons are my new favorite if you look close at one of the pictures below you will see some we got for the grand opening that were divine, from Marie Shannon's a little place downtown across from Ventura theater! Go there! They are the cheapest and most delicious in town!

I believe that's enough rambling for one night! Till next time!

-Nate & Meg-